Thursday, March 4, 2010

my creative space / Pzrestrzeń twórcza

Regularly, from some time, pure linen yarn is present. I buy its tangled, un-loved in second hand shops. Its color is always stunning - linen fibers catch dyes in such a special way - wonderful warm, mat, earthy colors.
I still experiment with making crocheted and wrapped necklaces out of it ... some coming soon!

Czyste, 'żywe' lniane nici pojawiają się regularnie - jako niekochane i splątane gałganki w second-handach. Ich kolory zawsze zdumiewają - włukno lniane wspaniale łapie barwnik - w taki naturalny sposób - dajac ciepłe, matowe, 'pzryrodnicze' kolory.
Eksperymentuje szydełkująci wijąc naszyjniki... niektóre już w krótce!

oh ah!

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  1. Glad you can't see how green I am! :) Here you can't find this sort of stuff at 2nd hand shops, never!
    Curious to see, what you come up with, the beginning is interesting. :)

  2. its the brighter sid eof the Swedish well-off and consumerism mixed with their functionalism and minimalism - they get rid of fabulous stuff:-)

  3. Those are beautiful colours indeed!