Monday, May 7, 2012

MondayMoodboard (ArcheoChic 07.05.2012)

my first MondayMoodboard with ArcheoChic* this season :-)

1. bag by Loddelina
2. necklace by BijuBrill
3. beads by agatechristina 
4. brooch by azulado

Monday Mooodboard is a game played by the members of the European Etsy Team every Monday. The moodboard is a selection of items from the team that reflect your mood on that particular day. Anyone in the team can join in. Just link your very own moodboard to the host of the game Star Of The East.

* see one entry earlier...


do you remember ArcheoChic?
...I just did remember how i like to make classical, antic inspired jewellery.
 Both my ArcheoChic shops are now reactivated and will be filled with new items in the following weeks.

RORORISM is slowing down a little bit as felt is not exactly the summer material. 
I will be publishing some more cabochon flower items soonish :-)

bye! :-)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Still unpacking after markets...
Design Gipfel in Dortmund was great. 

Amazing location in Kultur Depot, some familiar faces and nice neighbours...

annatiloppe on my left +arthur kopf

vintagekids on my right

vis a vis ponyhut... here a lovely owner wearing mu mustard Yellow Rose earrings :-)

and on diagonal DaWanda stand with goodies and crafty corner...

more official photos (((here)))

p.s. kind regards to renna deluxe :->