Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Een vierkante meter

Under this 'misterious' Dutch name hides a great great hand-made event I am perticipating in!!
It is organized by Mitsy - Artmind & Annemiek - Two Trees.
Each participant has an equal 1m²  space to show his/her's work :-)

If, by acicdent, you are on April 22nd in Belgium
please see us at:
Raamstraat 17 in Hasselt

for more information go to
 event's BLOG

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Moodboard 26.03.2012

i'll try to control my daffodil and tulip obsession this time...
this weeks moodboard will be about bicycle and biking:-)
we have finally inaugurated the season yesterday ;-)

1. skirt guard by JustDo
2. bicycle apron by animadesign
3. photography by shashamane 
4. bike tube notebook by palepink

Monday Mooodboard is a game played by the members of the European Etsy Team every Monday.   The moodboard is a selection of items from the team that reflect your mood on that particular day. Anyone in the team can join in. Just link your very own moodboard to the host of the game Star Of The East.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

my /spring/ creative space

can't really show you my creative space as it is a tottal mess + baby boy stealing bits and peaces and throwing it all around the studio...
but here are few close ups of textile flower brooches that I am just finishing ;-)

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Moodboard, 19.03.2012

preparations for spring craft shows are now definitely ON.
Sunshine and tulips are ON:-)
yesterday while in Moselle valley I've seen almond trees in pink blossom already! 
Yay for warm vine-friendly climate ;-)

here is my post-almond Monday Moodboard with Euro friends:

1. buttons by PatchworkMill 
2. earrings by DeerLola 
3. coasters by azulado
4. necklace by StaroftheEast 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Design Gipfel DORTMUND

Design Gipfel is back with its Spring editions.
ROROISM will be available live in 

28 & 29.04. 2012

Immermannstraße 29
44147 Dortmund

*click the poster*