Friday, September 9, 2011

My creative space

 a bit late, but stil creative - the space on my desk is yet again occupied with felt sheets - i'm in process of developing my clip earrings and rings design...

z małym opóźnieniem ale jest - przestrzeń mojego biurka znów opanowały arkusze filcu - jestem w trakcie dopracowywania projektu filcowych klipsów i pierścionków...

my fav moment - color matching
ulubiony moment - zestawianie kolorów



  1. Choosing a color combination is my favorite too, it can take me a long time to finally decide! love the colors you have picked, they work beautifully together :-)

  2. Your work is beautiful! (I've been peering about, here and there). Your stitchery is a wonderful delicate contrast to the felt, too.