Sunday, November 28, 2010


another week has passed and no post from me... but it was filled with family visiting and many city and road trips. Today we are back to normal... enjoying our advent Swedish window stars and nice snowy views:-) I am even cleaning with pleasure as it feels like Christmas already/almost...

here is the mood represented by European Street Team members:

1. quilt from gunnelsvensson's shop
2. scarf from Ayca's shop
3. earrings from andrea0503's shop
4. necklace from staroftheeast's shop

more moodboards ((here)))


  1. An oh so pretty collection! Love the view from the window too. :)

  2. great collection !
    have a nice week

  3. Love your Moodboard!! Tror du har samma fina stjärna i fönstret som jag..Have a great week / Eva

  4. Lovely :) Frosty but serene :) Wish you a great week.