Friday, October 1, 2010

Deluxe version

Dear friends and fans!
ROROISM is back after a successful relocation. We are now more less setr in our Luxembourg home. Internet connection at home finally and on-line shop settings edited.
I am more than excited to announce that I'll have my own studio/office space. Huge pine working space table and shelves are almost done! The sweetest cherry will be my LAMP...a candy princess chandelier, oh yes! just a sneak prev from the car trunk ;-)


  1. GRATULACJE - powodzenia w nowym kraju :) niestety, widze ze stracilam wspoltowarzysza niedoli, w pewnym sensie, ech ta szwedzka ciemnosc juz zaczyna zapadac...

  2. dzieki:-)
    z kazdym dniem swietuje babie lato i niemal-cieple wieczory.
    Trzymajce sie tam ciepło... (młody bosko zmężniał!)